Mom’s Boss as an In-Law??

Well I told you guys I would give you an update later and it’s later so here’s my intresting update. I have to hurry cuz my mom gets off at 4:30 and it’s already 4:18, and you already know I’m at work with her. Ok, so my topic probably appears pretty interesting to you and you might think somebody’s getting married…but no. Nobody’s getting married anytime soon in this family. But I made a new friend, which is a boy. My mom’s boss also brought her teenager to work today. She told me before that he went to my school, but we never met in the halls or knew each other. So we’ve been hanging out today, playing on the computer, and talking. Now we’re friends and will reconize each other in the halls so we can start talking more. The funny thing about the title of this post is that all of my mom’s friends and co-workers have joked all day about us getting together and my mom either getting a raise, or her boss becoming an in-law. Well, I gotta go but maybe I’ll write or type tomorrow if not, I will the next day…which is Friday. Bye! 🙂 P.S.- He’s very nice.

3 thoughts on “Mom’s Boss as an In-Law??

  1. Lisa Carter says:

    Glad you made a new friend. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see you this weekend! 🙂

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