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#1 of things learned

Well, this may make me sound stupid, but I just never really thought about it before. A few nights ago my mom was making me some chili cheese fries, because I love them. And she was making the fries home-made (she’s a very good cook). Anyways, I was sitting there eating it and I was thinking how do you make home made fries? I asked her and she said “Are you serious?” Then she explained it to me and I felt sooo stupid. But at least now I can cook them for myself when she’s not here. Well I wish I could, but we have a gas stove and she thinks I’ll burn the house down. Hopefully some of you out there also didn’t know how to make fries. If you don’t then all you have to do is chop the potato in fry like form, well peel the potato first, unless you want the peeling on it…but i wouldn’t suggest it(: Anyway, then you cook them in oil (which is frying them, hence the name french “fries”) I’m not sure for how long though, if you know please comment so others know. Thanks, and enjoy your fries! 😀